The Lazy Girl’s Way To Fast Hair Growth

Get ready to find out the one way you can grow your hair without wasting time and putting in too much effort. I just found out, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

First of all, why is your hair not growing fast?
Have you ever felt like your hair growth was utterly stagnant? Like no matter the number of hair masks you put on and nourishing foods you eat, the inches just aren’t adding up? Here are some reasons why:

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Happy New Year!!

Hello readers!! Welcome to 2023! It’s been a long time here!

How have you all been?

On my end, I’ve been quite good! Busy with Youtubing, work, setting up a Cancer Awareness platform (yes, I still do that) and lots more! Glad to connect with you again! Hoping and praying to be more consistent here this year! Say AMEN to that prayer for me oo because consistency isn’t easy one bit!

Here’s a recap of 2022 for me!

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Hey everyone!!

How are you all doing?

I hope you’ve been staying safe during this Covid period?

Today, we’ll be talking about something that can help just any kind of adult out there!

As work resumes with full force, many people may get overwhelmed with the work load to be done

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Covid19: Don’t Get It Twisted

Heyyyyyyyyyy fam!!.
I know it’s been more than eternity since my last post…hahaha.
I’m back for good and I hope to be consistent on here, God helping me. Amen!
In the last few weeks of this pandemic, I’ve noticed that Corona Virus, also known as #Covid19 has created so much fear that’s accompanied with anxiety, which eventually causes panic attacks and anxiety disorders, especially Social Anxiety Disorders, in which there is the situation of someone being afraid of social happenings and being Continue reading



fierceness…service year…soldiers…poverty…infatuation…lust


The call portrays the story a young lady, Adanna, who went through the echoes of hard times but in the process learnt a number of things based on the fact that she took everything that came her way with courage and hope for better days and sure came out victorious. Amongst all the chaos of youth service stress, the financial situation of her family, Adanna found true love.

This book portrays the suffering corpers go through and the hardship that comes with NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) in Nigeria.

It talks about how much stress corpers were made to go through with the little stipend the government paid them (N19,800) which is barely enough for them as they have to cater for accommodation, feeding, transport and Continue reading


Feminism…workaholic…goody…marital crisis…bareness…in-laws…prostitution…Cinderella…widows…breakups…love…boss lady.


It’s very easy to think the women celebrated in the bible were such a perfect bunch” was the opening phrase for Laju’s remarkable book.

I’m sure we’ve heard lots and lots of bible stories in the past but Laju gave another dimensions to these stories. She used her poetic skills to present every character with the present day scenarios and made us realize that these women found fulfilment when they found the Messiah.

It’s explains hidden meanings behind 22 bible characters (women) in our everyday lives as you sometimes (take a selfie) find yourself or know someone that fits into the lives of these characters as we can see from Sarah, Martha, Deborah, Naomi, Mary, Rahab, Dorcas, Ruth and Continue reading


Hello beautiful readers!!

It’s been a looooooooong minute!!.

How have you been and what have you been up to?

I missed you and I hope you did too! (I hope to post more often as from now on)!!.


So, today, I’ll be talking to you about the benefits of Avocado as part your daily foods!.

So, just sit and relax while I take you on a ride for today!!.



Avocado is a pear shaped fruit with a rough leathery skin.

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10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Your Super Mum!

Hello readers, it’s been just about a few weeks even though it almost seemed like almost eternity since I spoke to you all!!. I’ve really missed you and I hope you missed me and my story-telling too!!!.

How have you been and how has life been treating you?

Now, to today’s gist!!.

So, I’m sure most of us know that Mothers day is on Sunday (March 31st)!!. Well, if you didn’t, you are lucky to have found out early enough to get her a super duper gift!!. Our mothers truly deserve it!! Continue reading

5 Things To Do To Make Your 2019 Awesome!!!

Hey everyone!!!.

It’s been a veryyyyyyyyy long minute, thanks to the busy-ness of life!!!…lol.


It’s weird wishing you ”happy new year” by this time but the year is still new, isn’t it? (winks).

I wasn’t on a blog detox this time around though…lol…but I’m sure I missed out on so many things…I really did. I hope you all missed me sha..

If you are wondering why there are no 2018 posts, those ones went off and could no longer be retrieved (story for another day).

So, let’s leave all my ranting and move to today’s topic!!!.

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