The dark-skinned muscular hand went up but when it came down, it came down with agitation and anger.

Then came the slaps, the punches and the blows. Then came blood dripping from the nose of the victim like from a stream of water as she lay helpless and numb on the floor. A part of her head bled because she was pushed to the wall thereby hitting her forehead against the wall.
The fall didn’t just affect the forehead but it affected the whole head as blood gushed out from various parts of her brain.
That was not all. No, it wasn’t all.
He pulled off his clothes and pulled hers off too and he did the unthinkable and unimaginable to his daughter……….. He went between her legs, he went to where her value was preserved, he went to where her dignity had been preserved all her life (he raped her).
She fought effortlessly to release her self in her already broken state as he went into her but he was stronger, so what could she do?.
She couldn’t even scream, her voice was to faint for that, so she just seized struggling and waited for him to just take away the dignity that she had preserved all her life.
How was she ever going to forgive her father?,
he was taking away what was of great value to her. He was taking away her strength, her value, her virtue………her dignity. So, how was she possibly going to forgive him but nevertheless, she begged him to stop. She begged him with all the strength she had left in her body but he wouldn’t bulge, he just wouldn’t, he was ready to forcefully take away what was not his, he was ready to be “crazy” that day. He really was.
Was going to school a crime?
Did going to school now suddenly become a crime for children or was she the one not understanding what was going on?
He gave her exactly 15 minutes to return from school everyday, she did come a bit late sometimes but he never really wanted to kill her this way, he never wanted to.
“So, why was today different?, why?, what did she do so wrong?, she had been busy at school and had to stay a little longer making her come an hour after school officially closed, so why should she be subjected to such treatment?” she thought.
That day couldn’t be forgotten in a hurry because lateness from school turned into a bloody forehead and tribal-marked fingers on her face, stripes on her back, red swollen circles on her face and a bloody nose and mouth and of course, the devaluation of her dignity. He went into her, despite her pleas. He went into her despite her tears.
Poor her.
She was almost unconscious. She had almost passed out……..
How would she ever forgive her dad? or better still, was she ever going to forgive him?, when was this trauma going to end?, when was this rubbish going to end?
She was very sad but she was not surprised.
That was exactly what he did to her mother that cost her (her mother) her life three years ago.
She was broken.
In fact, she was beyond broken, both physically and emotionally. Could she ever be normal again?.
She still couldn’t believe it was her dad………

To be continued………….

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