Hello Readers.

We made it to April. Praise God!!!

Happy, happy, happy new month to you all. I wish you the best month ever. Amen!

Welcome to the first month in the second quarter of the year.

How was your March?. Where did you go?, what places did you visit?, what was your best moment in March?.

So tell me everything that was Marchy…..

Let me know in the comment box below.

Well, as for me. I had a lot of things that went on in March. From seasons skills to thoughts to improvements, etc.

So, walk with me as I take you through my March experience!!!

Hmmmnnn, I hope you are all excited to see this (shine your teeth nah, at least a bit).

So, with all smiles and a round of applause…………………………………………

Meet, MARCH 2017…..
Well, in March, I fell in love with these songs


“Way maker,

Miracle Worker,

Promise Keeper,

Light in the darkness,

My God that is who you are”


“Great are you Lord,

You are greatly to be praised,

Father you reign”.


“Great are you Lord………..(4x)”


“Doh, doh, doh, doh,

Oghene doh, oghene doh,

Thank you Jesus,

Thank you Lord,

I thank you Lord,

I thank you Lord”


“Onise Iyanu,

You are the God of awesome wonders,

I have tasted of your power.

Onise Iyanu,

You have shown me so much mercy,

much more than I deserve”


“God is fighting for us,

God is on our side, we have over come, yes

We have overcome,

We will not be shaken,

We will not be moved,

Jesus, you are here (2ce).


God is fighting for us,

Pushing back the darkness,

Lighting up the kingdom,

That cannot be shaken,

In the name of Jesus,

Satan is defeated,

and we would shout it out,

shout it out”


“ I surrender unto you,

Everything, I give to you,

With holding nothing,

With holding nothing”


“ My life is not my own,

To you I belong,

I give myself,

I give myself to you (2ce).
I give myself away oh Lord,

I give myself away,

so you can use me”

8. “Yours is the kingdom,

Yours is the power

Yours is the glory,

Forever and ever”.


“He’s the Holy Ghost,

Spirit of the living God,

He’s the Holy Ghost,

Scepter of the king of kings,

He’s the Holy Ghost,

The seal of the age to come,

He’s changing everything in obedience to God”

10. “I love you forever,

I love you forever,

I love you forever Lord”

That’s it for the songs I loved in March.
I also laid my hand on keyboard/piano last month and it was a great experience trying my beautiful hands on the keys. It wasn’t an easy task though but Glory to God, I learnt something.

The Movies I watched in the past 3 months:

  1. The Wedding Party(many of us have watched it or at least heard of it). It was quite interesting.
  2.  Miracles from Heaven. It’s about a girl who lived a miserable life because of a sickness that just suddenly came upon her. Her family also suffered greatly during the “challenge” of this sickness. The summary of the movie is that God delivered the girl and she’s alive and well. Her mum also started believing in God. At the end of the movie, I found out it was a true life story.
  3. The fundamentals of Caregiving. This one was a lovely piece. It made me love psychology more.

They were all very lovely.

I also read a book titled: The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy.

My favourite scriptures for March were Matthew 14:22-33, Proverbs 3:5, Jeremiah 32:27, Ecclesiates 7:8 and the numerous scriptures God and Jesus told us not to fear (you need to check them out).
Its all about trusting God in all situations in life, no matter how rough the road of your life may seem or what has happened in the past.
Trust in God and believe in Him always!!!   🙂

Then lent, lent, lent……….

Lent began on March 1st with Ash Wednesday, it was a day of spiritual rejuvenation and a call to holiness.

Lent is the solemn period before Easter (in the Orthodox Churches).

It is a time of sober reflexion on our Lord Jesus Christ and how we should learn to take up our crosses and follow Jesus. Its a period of abstinence from either food or things you love (for that period).

Its a period of “arms giving, prayer and fasting” in that order.

Show some love first, then send your prayers/petitions to heaven after which you now fast (from things like meat, fish, sharwama, chicken, pizza, juice etc.) for that period of time.

It is generally a period of holiness, abstinence and seeking the face of the Lord (His face is everywhere, just speak to Him today).

Lastly, before the month ended, in the very last week of the beloved March, I met this wonderful young lady on wordpress. Her name is Otibhor and she blogs at

She’s really been a lovely person and has a beautiful heart. I’m loving her companionship. I appreciate God for bringing her my way.

So, that’s it for my March!!!.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Now, for April, there will be some fiction series out of which one has already started. The first series (VILLAIN) began on Sunday, so if you have not yet read it, move to the previous post to read it.

Other series would also come out later and you’d be notified before they are out.

So, head on to the Villain post to read the first episode and subscribe for updates on the series and on the blog.

Episode 2 would be up on the blog soon. So, stay tuned.
I give God great thanks for March and I thank God even greater because April will be better and much more beautiful than the past 3 months of the year for: us, our family and friends, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. AMEN!!!

So, my March post is over and my march was definitely splendid.

So, tell me how your March went. What foods did you prefer this March or were you on a diet?, what songs or movies did you like?, what places did you visit?, how was school or work?,
What were your favourites for March?

List them in the comment box below……………..
Like, share on social media, comment and subscribe if you have not yet done so.
Remain ever glowing and stay blessed!!!.

God Loves you!!!

Jesus Loves you!!!

The Holy Spirit is your companion!!!

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