After about a year of mourning, Tosin thought her father would at least go and settle his wife’s (her mother) debt or better still, his debt but he never did, he just never did. Instead, he went about compounding problems at the hospital his wife was treated in and kept blaming everyone possible for his wife’s demise saying that, they should tried to save her like they always did. I really don’t know whether he was sincere about saving her or not but the bottom line was that he did not pay the debt. The hospital was fed up of him. Was he a human being at all?, did he have feelings at all?. They just left his matter alone just to avoid the “madness” that he exhibited whenever he came to the hospital. They thought it was part of the chronicles of a bereaved man.

May be not. He wasn’t normal before.

Did he drink last night or perhaps during the day? Or what had come over him to want to kill his own daughter?, oh yes, he had drunk himself up to an irritating point, she was almost choking from the stench. Were the village people at work in this mess? because he was destroying his family with his own bare hands……………

Who was going to protect Tosin now?.

No mother and now, no father, at least, to the best of her knowledge, this beast definitely couldnt be her father.

She didn’t expect him to be drunk so often but he often was.

She became even more shattered.

The stench that camefrom the liquor he took didnt really smell from his mouth so much, they didnt seem to be any cigarrette smell today. “He probably didn’t smoke today” she thought but he had his ways and Tosin was going to just still smell the cigarrette anyway, she’s his daughter, she knows when he’s drunk and when marijuana is his boss.

She knows. She feels and senses it.

Now, Ada was beside her. Was she going to start the long narration all over again, she had just flipped through it in her thoughts, she wished Ada could just read her thoughts, so, she wont have to say a word.

Ada was lost and terrified. What was her bestie thinking of so seriously and intensely that she couldn’t voice out. She was almost in tears. What had gone wrong again this time……..She figured out Tosin was just tired of all the issues arising on a regular basis and it getting this bad too.

Ada tapped her friend “Tosin, Tosin, Tosin, the day dreamer, what thinkest thou?” as she laughed. She was at least going to lighten her mood, she felt.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Have I been silent for so long?” Tosin pleaded.

“Not so long but long enough for your dad to send me out when one hour is up” “Just 15 minutes”.

Tosin was amazed at how cheerful her friend was and she decided to join in the cheerfulness and pleaded that they gisted about something else. They would address the former later. “May be another day” she thought.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………….

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