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Well, well, well!!!

Hello Readers,

Welcome to May and happy, happy, happy new month.

May you have the best month ever in Jesus name. Amen!!!

On Monday was Workers Day. So, lets celebrate all the workers we know ranging from our teachers to our parents and to many other proffessions.



So, how was our beloved April????

Well, mine was spectacular. April was filled with God’s wonder. Events screwed from our dearly beloved Easter to visting to knowing God better to lessons learned and so many other beautiful and wonderful things.

So,walk with me while I take you to my world of APRIL!!!!

Now,with a beautiful round of applause,

(Unveils the presentation)……………….

…………….Lets, welcome APRIL, 2017.

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In April, I fell in love with these songs.


“Jesus Christ is the Son of God,

Oh yes, oh yes.

Halleluyah, he arose.

Oh yes, oh yes.

Hallellyah, he arose.

My king of Kings arose.

Halleluyah, he arose

Oh yes, oh yes”


“Through the stormy weather,

we would stick together,

bone of my bone,

flesh of my flesh,

I’ll give you my love,

It’s forever and a day,

I’m saying I do,

It’s forever and a day”.


——-Movies that I have watched this year:

1. The Wedding Party.

2. Miracles from Heaven.

3. The Duplex

4. The Fundamentals of Care-giving.

and many Nigerian movies.



1. Matthew 14: 22-33 made me realize that you should keep your eyes focused of Jesus despite any challenging situation around you and he will see you true. It also explains that if God sends you on a mission, He’s definitely going to back you up and see you through it. It also teaches that even if your human efforts fail, just cry out to God and you would receive immediate help because God never fails and He will always be there for us just as He has always been.

2. 1 Corinthians 10:26.

You need to check out these verses and remain blessed.

rev 2

Next up in April was Palm Sunday which marked the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

It was demonstrated by a walk-about procession while carrying palm leaves. There was singing and prayer while the procession was on.

Good friday came five days later, where there was walk-about stations of the cross which was accompanied with singing and a drama presentation of the passion of Christ (Christ on His way to Golgotha carrying His heavy cross).

Good friday is still part of lent (the lenten season).

To know more about lent, you could check the post I wrote at the begining of the month MARCH’17 REVIEW.  I explained what lent is about.

Then Easter, Easter, Easter

Easter is all about the ressurrection of Christ. It comes three days after Good Friday. Right after lent.

We are presently in the third week of Easter. Its a time of showing love to people, reflecting on and rejoicing because of the ressurrection of our Lord and the life it brings.

……………………..Dying, He destroyed our death.

……………………..Rising, He restored our life.

This Easter period explains that our death was destroyed by Christ’s death on the cross and our life was restored by Christ’s ressurrection from the dead on the third day.

So, that’s it for my April.

I hope you had a nice read…….. 🙂

Now, lets move to May.

rev 4

What’s happening in May………………………………………..?????

In may, I would be introducing the second set of my fiction series named Rex Leeds and many other beautiful things would fill this space.

So, make sure you stay tuned and watch out for future posts!!!

We give God praise for a beautiful April and give God greater thanks for an awesome May.

May this month be our best month ever in Jesus name. Amen.

Make sure you make the best use of your month. Do not play away your time. It waits for no one. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So, use your time wisely.

rev 15

So, it’s now time for you to tell me how your April went.

How was your April?. What were your favourite moments?. What songs did you love? What was your favourite bible verse for April?. What movie did you go to see?.

I’d love to have feedback from my readers………………………… 🙂

So, put your thoughts and actions about how your April went in the comment box below.
Like it, comment, share it on social media and subscribe if you have not yet done so.

So, stay blessed and ever joyful.

Remain ever glowing!!!

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  1. Aww, such a refreshing review. Makes me want to look back at my April.
    April is always remarkable because of Easter. I think if Easter was in December It would be a bigger celebration than Christmas- It’s somehow more meaningful than Christmas, Jesus’ birth was great but if He never paid the price: died and resurrected, being born might not have sufficed.
    It’s somewhat sad, that in April I didn’t listen to any new music- I stumbled on a few, but none of them is worth remembering.
    I saw the new King Kong movie: Kong Skull Island, it’s impeccable! Then in my one Year Bible plan, I read Colossians, 1Chronicles and a part of 2Chronicles- Reading about the Kings of Judah has been delightful.
    April was awesome, Thanks to Jesus Christ for the beauties and grace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Easter was indeed the peak of April. The sacrifice that was paid and the redemption it brings is definitely a bigger celebration than the birth and if Easter were to be in December, it would have surpassed the vibes of Christmas (there are some years that people say things(jokes) like: did Mary even give birth this year?. That’s because we’ve had so many Christmas celebrations and have longed to buy knock-outs/bangers and we are now tired and the whole place is now dry. No x-mas decorations sef.
      Easter has always mostly been just the ressurrection part but this year was quite different, Good friday was very much included and reflected upon.
      I’m glad your Easter was beautiful.

      Thanks for reading dear!!!

      Liked by 2 people

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