Supernatural Freedom: The Rains…..


The surging heat scourged all the corners of the house.

The kitchen felt like a cubicle few steps away from a fiery furnace.

The sitting room was hotter.

It was like the fiery furnace itself.

This wasn’t hell

Or could be it be.

I just muttered a few words of repentance a few minutes ago.

I usually do.

Especially when the airplanes pretend to be on the roof top.

Well, there was no fire.

So, may be we were still safe

Or maybe not because

The heat drenched all the air left.

It had sapped away all the air.

If hell was going to be like this or even worse,

then its better avoided.

Was there going to be a break?

Was winter going to suddenly jump on us while we were asleep?

May be ……………………………………………. or may be not.

So, I stepped into the balcony through the kitchen door .


And there it was………………….

free 3




rain 4

The breeze blew its way across my face.

It was so fresh and full of strength that it would have blown me away

but the protectors stopped it,

Or one of my angels.


I saw him stand beside me

He was so white and he shone brighter than the sun.

He shone such that I could not behold his face.

The elegance of his presence was beautiful

His countenance was refreshing.

It was not like the fairytales and cartoons we watched.

It was real.

angel 3

………….Very real.

It was an heavenly experience.

He bowed his head and held his sword.

Ohhhhhhh, his sword.

So, that was his weapon.

Now, I understand.

Everyone has a weapon to use to fight.

My weapon is the sword of the spirit,

The word of God.


That is our light.

That is the path we are to follow.

I also saw his wings.

They were so large.

His raiment glittered in a supernatural form.

It was a white-purple version of silk.

He was obviously an angel.

Or who else could he possibly be?

Oh well, whether it was the protector

bible 3

Or this angel……….

The wind was stopped from carrying me away into an unknown place

at this time of day.

It was night.

So, I had finally found freedom

After stepping into the balcony.

free 5

Yes, I found my freedom at the balcony.

The rains were here.

rain 8

Winter may not come but at least,

The rains were here.

The breeze was a sign of an all-night down pour.

rain 11

The flood gates of heaven were opened and the rains have come at last.

It was a feeling of supernatural freedom.

rain 6


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free 7

REJOICE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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