What You Don’t Know About Nigerian Salads.

salad 8

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

Once upon a time,

In the land of Otuoke, there lived a man that…………….………….(are you still reading Otuoke story??????).   Just kidding though!.  Don’t mind me 🙂

Hello, my most esteemed readers!!!.

Hope you are all doing well?

Even if you are not, I have good news for you!!!!! (smile nah, I said I have good news for you!!. Oya, let me see your teeth).

The good news is that: It will be well with you. Everything will work fine for you.

Matthew 6:26 tells us(paraphrasing) to have no worries for the future. The future will take care of itself.

Matthew 6:34 also says (paraphrasing too) if your heavenly father can take care of the birds of the air, why won’t He take care of you.

That’s why I said everything will be fine!!!

So, cheer up-cheer up!!!!!


but before then…………….

August was a great month, September is going quite well. I admonish everyone to make the most and best use of the month because once September, 2017 goes, it will never come back again.


Now, to what we’ll be talking about today………………


Today, we will be talking about a tasty Nigerian meal (you probably already know but let’s get prepared for a big surprise)

Don’t worry about hearing what you have always heard, you will hear it from a totally different perspective today!!!

We have heard of salad, salad, salad but have we actually ever sat to think about what a salad is, the health benefits it has on us (may be some of us have) and the times of the day to eat it??????????????

Some say it should be eaten only in the evening or only in the afternoon.

Well, to find out the answer, you need to read further………………….

So, here we go…………..

A salad is a dish consisting of a mixture of small pieces of food, usually featuring vegetables. They are typically served at room temperature or chilled, with notable exceptions such as south German potato salad which is served warm. Salads may contain virtually any type of ready-to-eat food. Eating a high-fiber diet such as a salad can help you lower your cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. It can also help you feel fuller, eat less and ultimately, lose weight. Eating your salad with 2 teaspoons of avocado protects you from cancer and heart disease.

Guess what??

You can eat your salads after a “fast”. It’s light enough and makes your body get used to normal light foods.

salad 4

Salads may be served at any point during a meal. It can be used as an appetizer, beside the main dish or even as a desert.

  1. Appetizer salads are used as light, smaller portion-salads to stimulate the appetite as the first course of the meal.
  2. Side salads are used to accompany the main course as a side dish.
  3. Main course salads, usually containing a portion of a protein food, such as chicken breast, salmon, legumes, cheese or slices of beef.
  4. Dessert salads, sweet versions containing fruit (alone as in a fruit salad or mixed with other ingredients), gelatin, sweeteners or whipped cream.

In as much as salads can be used at any point during a meal, it can also be eaten at any time of day……………..and I mean that literally. You can grab it as a cool breakfast, exciting lunch(side-by-side with your food) or as a lovely supper!!!!!!!!


Well, well, well, for the sake of today’s post, we’ll be sticking to the vegetable salad.

Enjoy your read!!!!!!!!!

How to prepare your beautiful and tasty Vegetable Salad…..

Step 1: Get your ingredients.

Ingredients and materials that can be used for salad are: a bunch of lettuce, 2 medium-sized cucumbers, 1 medium-sized cabbage, a small bunch of carrots(preferably about 7 pieces), tomato, boiled egg, baked beans, salad cream/mayonnaise. You can choose to use any of these according to your preferences.

cabbage 3whole carr 5cucumber 3lettuce 5

For the sake of this post, I will be sticking to just a few ingredients which are my favourites. I would be using cucumber, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, baked beans and salad cream.


Step 2: Prepare your ingredients.


Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and begin to slice and dice it to your preferred size.




Scrap the carrots and grate them(making use of a grater) into thin threads.

carrots 3



Slice it starting from the side.




Slice the lettuce into thin threads

sliced lettuce 3


You can give your salad a finishing taste by adding a dressing or sauce like salad cream, mayonnaise or baked beans to it and mix.

salad creammayo 220170212_131031




Your Salad is ready to be digested!!!!!.

You can eat it with many foods ranging from jollof rice to fried rice to white rice to moi-moi or as an appetizer with round bread and sometimes simply as a dessert.


So, that’s it on our Nigerian Salad post for today!!!!


Please, do tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Do you like salads? If not, why?

If yes, which are your favourites?, vegetable salads, fruits salads and mention the rest??????

I would love to know fellow salad lovers like me.


I hope you enjoyed your read!

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Thanks for reading and Remain ever glowing!!!!!!

Cheers and see you in my next post!!!!!!!!!




8 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Nigerian Salads.

  1. Wow. Salads, very nutritious, excellent roughage. But they’re the last thing i’ll eat while i’m alive.
    They’re raw, and they’re a mixture of too many contrasting foods; fruits, vegetables, dressing, baked beans etc, etc.
    However, I know i’m missing out as salads are sumptous and super healthy.

    Thanks for bringing me a second closer that great day I will taste Vegetable salad. 😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

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