Write Your Style By Otibhor Odia

Hi Readers,

I’ve be writing this book/novel or whatever it is that I’ve been writing, since 2013. I’ve changed titles twice, currently it has no title. I’ve changed almost every character’s name at least once, I stopped midway and I have rewritten the first draft so many times I’ve lost count. Still, it doesn’t read or seem like a Novel.

Today, I asked myself a eureka question: Am I Francine Rivers or Frank Perretti?

My answer shocked me more than I thought that it would.


So why do I try so hard to write like them? It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. To. Me or may be it does…..

rev 15

I always remember the advice I got from a good friend on a writers online group, he told me to put down writing and go read voraciously. He wanted me to read, read and read till I can write like legendary writers, then, I can start or should I say, continue writing.

A great advice it was but guess what?

I’m going to add something to what he said. Along side reading, reading and reading again, I should be writing, writing and writing as well. Otherwise, how would I know when the reading has started paying off?

rev 4

After today’s epiphany, I think I’m ready to finally complete my first draft, in my own way. I haven’t read enough of Francine Rivers yet or Nora Roberts to be able to captivate an audience like they do but I have a story to tell.

Pause here.

Which sounds better: a). having a story burn inside me and waiting an eternity to write it right or b). letting out the fire, allowing it kindle the pages on which it is expressed, however it is expressed? Okay, let me rephrase: a). would you rather have grandkids waiting to publish a story you got in your teens or b). would you send the story out as it is while the passion for the story is still hot?

I’m beginning to believe that no two writers are meant to write the same no matter how much you want to get inspiration from these great writers (Francine, Chimamanda and the rest).

rev 2

Writing has a style, its like fashion– everyone in the most insignificant way- has a unique fashion appeal, no? I think we all do. My vocabulary currently needs an upgrade, my narration needs some enhancement, I agree I agree, I’m not there yet- professionalism, that is- but I have this story in my head, it wants to be written. How about I pen it down first, just as it is? You finally get my point, don’t you?

This one is for every writer -poet, novelist, blogger- out there, Write your way, honey. Write your style.


Thanks for reading, my dear esteemed readers!!!!

I would love to know what you think about writing in other people’s fashion, writing in general and about your writing experience so far. If you are also a blogger, Vloger or engaged in social media, share your blogging and other experiences with us.

Please, share your experiences in the comments section below!


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Thanks for reading and Remain ever glowing!!!!!!

Cheers and see you in my next post!!!!!!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Write Your Style By Otibhor Odia

  1. I think I just got a motivation here. I’m not a writer and the motivation was not for writing.

    “Just start that thing you have in mind, don’t wait till you are so sure you can do better. You can never be too sure you can do more until you start.”

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  2. Wow…. as a writer and blogger myself, you completely read my mind. I had started and written several stories, journals, even began a book but everything never seemed to be enough. a wealth of amerced ideas and knowledge just still didn’t seem good enough.
    I had gotten accolades most of my life but i still never took writing seriously or thought i was good enough till i made up my mind a while back with this same thought pattern….No matter how bad or ‘unrefined’, i’m so willing to put myself out there till i get better and become one of the best there ever will be!

    Someone needs what you are desperately trying to hide or conceal.

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  3. They say it’s the editing part that matters. So go ahead and just write and write and write. Then give your everything at the editing part. And most definitely, you need to read and read and read!

    Best of luck! And don’t even think about not finishing what you’ve started. 😉

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