October Still On Our Minds…Hello November!

Hello, hello.

It’s been a minute lovelies!.

I trust your new month is going well.

HAPPY NEW MONTH and welcome to my blog. Welcome to this relaxation center where you get to rest from all the stress of the past weeks while I take you on a stroll on October’s favourite moments…

Relax and enjoy!


The independence day celebration was great. Basically church activities on that day even though not many people conformed to the green and white colour for that day.


Songs for October, though some of them spiraled into November…

  1. No Longer Slaves by Jonathan David & Melissa Elser
  2. In the name of Jesus by Darlene Zschech
  3. Olowogbogboro Anthem by Nathaniel Bassey
  4.  Osemudiamen by Benita Okojie (Do you remember that small Benita…she’s now a moma oo).
  5.  Ebezina by Preye Odede
  6.  Way Maker by Sinach
  7. images-19
  8.  Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey.
  9.  We Ose by Benita Okojie.
  10.  My World Needs You Right Now by Kirk Franklin
  11.  He’s The Holy Ghost, Spirit of The Living God by Chris Delvan.
  12.  Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey & Love Song
  13.  He’s on the way by Okwukwe Ifediora..a.k.a. Kwiksie.
  14. images-52-1
  15.  Imela by Solomon Lange.
  16.  Pray For Me by Darey.
  17.  You Are Great by Steve Crown.
  18.  Oluwa O Tobi by Tope Alabi.          These great songs were my bench mark for October/beginning of November………mehn…it was a long list……but it was worth it.


October’s bible verses……. You are definitely excited about this too

  1. 1 Timothy 6
  2. Psalm 91
  3.  Psalm 23
  4.  Jeremiah 32:27
  5.  2 Corinthians 2:10
  6.  1 John 4:4
  7.  2 Corinthians 12:9
  8.  Ephesians 6:12-13

Note: Some of them also spiraled into November too

You need to meditate on these verses during your quiet time. You definitely need to. They’ll help you.

To know more about these verses, you could read the post I did on The Battles We Fight here.


As for activities, I went for a singles forum that explained effective communication and understanding as the bed rock for a successful relationship/marriage and ofcourse, Christ is supposed to be the foundation of any and every relationship/marriage, if not, that union is doomed because you have automatically given room to the devil to come in ASAP(as soon as possible). There were theoretical and practical aspects to that.


******** If you have any questions and contributions about marriage and relationships, feel free to state them in the comment section below. I’ll discuss them and answer the questions in my next blog post and you can also contact me here for personal questions and discussions*********


Towards the end of the month, my beautiful and exciting birthday came and I definitely did a post beautiful post on 10 Things I Have Learnt This Year: My Birthday Story!. Trust me, its inspiring. You could read it here.

Glory to God for another year!


I appreciate everything ranging from calls to texts to voice noted songs and gifts too that I received that day and even beyond.

God bless you all.


By the way, I’m open to collaborations of any sort ranging from guest posting to content/brand promotion to personal blog reviews. You can contact me  here, on twitter: @rosesoflife17, facebook: Roses of Life and instagram: @eneleogah


So, we have come to the end of our throwback to October…..


November is definitely going to be greater and much better than October. Claim it and you’ll see it.

My prayer for you this month is that: Celebrations will never cease from your homes and may God grant you all your heart desires in the name of Jesus.



HAPPY NEW MONTH once again!!!!

So, it’s your turn now.


Where did you go, what places did you visit, what songs did you like, what movies did you watch, how was school/work/service year, what were your best foods/were you on a diet or exercise-mood?

What were your throwback(fun and otherwise) moments of October and what did you learn?

Please, tell me in the comment section below.


I’d love to hear from you!


Enele a.k.a. Aunty J. loves you!


Cheers till my next post!!!.



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24 thoughts on “October Still On Our Minds…Hello November!

  1. Thank you for this inspiring post. It was fun to read very encouraging words and positivity. 😃 Last month, my toddler walked by herself! I was overjoyed! I also started on my blog. This month I am ready to connect with fellow bloggers, moms and write more beautiful content.

    Liked by 1 person

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