Mind On The Month, November…Welcome To December!


Hello my lovely readers….it’s been such a long minute!!!


I trust you are having a great month and on that note I wish you a HAPPY NEW AND PROSPEROUS MONTH  filled with pleasant things and God’s gift for you this end of year!!


November was great for me and I’m sure it was for you too.


Please, do sit back and relax while I take you on a stroll through November’s favourite moments!


Yaaaaas, it’s that time of the month…. J when exams are over and holiday begins…

dec 18




Songs for the month of November, out of which some of them spiraled into December


1.       Pray For Me by Darey




2.       Oluwa O Tobi by Tope Alabi.




3.       We Ose by Benita Okojie




4.       Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey




5.       We have come to draw, draw, draw




Draw from you today, oh Lord.




6.       He’s the Holy Ghost by Chris Delvan




7.       Doh,doh, doh, oghene doh, oghene doh


dec 6


Bible verses for November…. Is someone getting excited here? J

Jeremiah 32:27

Matthew 24: 4-5

Matthew 24: 14

John 10: 9-11


You really need to check out these verses, they would you help you solve anything whatsoever, whether  questions and problems, all year long!

Most of them spiraled into December though


As for activities, there was harvest carnival that held in church on the second  Sunday of the month. There was also Corpus Christe. It is the ceremony of Christ the King. It is celebrated by a walkabout procession around surrounding streets of the church to welcome the King of kings and Lord of lords.


 I also did a whole lot of baby-sitting… J

dec 12


 Well, that’s it for November,


Now,  let’s move to December.

December is going to be great.

Great for me and great for you too.


Use your time wisely for once it goes, it goes and it goes forever.


Live your life with purpose for you live once and cannot live life when you are gone, so, live life with purpose and good intention.


 My prayer for you this month is that you’ll move from glory to glory and from strength to strength.  As the days and weeks go by, they get better and better and all your needs met. As your years are, so shall your strength be in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!.

Go in peace and go and succeed!.


I wait a beautiful month and so do you!




Bible verses for the month of December

Psalm 23

Philippians 1:6

Psalm 91


Try to recite them everyday before going out and before going to bed. Trust me, all your problems that you have always sort solution will be solved in the twinkle of an eye.


 By the way, Christmas is coming, what are your plans for Christmas and what are your wish lists for the festive season? State them in the comment section below.


Besides, how did our gratitude challenge go?

Yes, I mentioned it last week. You could read more about it here.



 Well, we have finally come the end of our stroll,

So, it’s your turn now


Where did you go, what places did you visit, what songs did you like, what movies did you watch, how was school/work/service year, what were your best foods/were you on a diet or exercise-mood, how were your exams and tests?
What were your throwback(fun and otherwise) moments of October and what did you learn?
Please, tell me in the comment section below.

I’d love to hear from you!


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HAPPY NEW MONTH once again!!!!


Enele loves you!!!

 Christmas bells are ringing!!!

blessings and breakthroughs!!!

Don’t forget to tell me how November went in the comment section below!!!!

Cheers till my next post!!!!

dec 13


By the way, I’m open to collaborations of any sort ranging from guest posting to content/brand promotion to personal blog reviews. You can contact me  here, on twitter: @rosesoflife17, facebook: Roses of Life and instagram: @rosesoflife17


20 thoughts on “Mind On The Month, November…Welcome To December!

  1. November; for me was really challenging, but i thanked God for I developed confidence and strength amidst my challenges, and right now my life is a testimony.
    Happy New Month!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This month was a lot of yoga teaching and visiting with family. I started reading a new book, which I haven’t done in a while too. Sounds like your December is planned to be a wonderful month for you too:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My November has been challenging with working a lot and I went off my antidepressants so my mental health has been a challenge as well. Trying to be grateful for the loving and caring people in my life and hoping that things will improve as the month goes on.

    Liked by 1 person

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