5 Things To Do To Make Your 2019 Awesome!!!

Hey everyone!!!.

It’s been a veryyyyyyyyy long minute, thanks to the busy-ness of life!!!…lol.


It’s weird wishing you ”happy new year” by this time but the year is still new, isn’t it? (winks).

I wasn’t on a blog detox this time around though…lol…but I’m sure I missed out on so many things…I really did. I hope you all missed me sha..

If you are wondering why there are no 2018 posts, those ones went off and could no longer be retrieved (story for another day).

So, let’s leave all my ranting and move to today’s topic!!!.

Today, I have for you 5 tips to put into your daily routine to make your year awesome!!!.

Implementation is key too. So, when you read, please, implement!.

Read, digest and implement and you’ll certainly enjoy your 2019.


  1. Invest in knowledge: By this, I mean read voraciously, buy books, CDs, audio and video tapes, attend online and offline classes of any subject matter you are interested in. You could even intern in an organization that has the knowledge that you need, just for the experience (whether you are paid or not). This will certainly help you build your life!!.
  2. Collaborate: To succeed in life, you have to at one point or another collaborate with people that would you assist you in learning something or achieving a goal in exchange of something of same value of what they are offering you. No man is an island of it’s own. Go out there, shoot you shot with that great pitch. The worst answer you can ever get is “NO” but you never can say, you may just get a “YES”. Remember that two heads are better than one. Yes, that saying is true!!. Mind you, “NO” means “Next Opportunity”. So, go out there and shoot your shot!!.
  3. Relate with the right set of people: Relate with people who will bring you up, not those who will talk or bring you down. You are a king or a queen. Don’t let anybody make you think less of yourself. If you have found people with negative vibes, please, cut off from that relationship/FRIENDSHIP. I repeat, PLEASE, CUT OFF FROM RELATIONSHIPS THAT COME FROM PEOPLE WITH NEGATIVE VIBES. You need your sanity, please!. This year must be drama free.
  4. Positive Affirmations: Write down positive affirmations and recite them daily before you go out. In every negatively seeming situation, remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and proclaim goodness and mercy unto yourself.

You can start with:

“ I am bold,

I am confident,

I am a genius,

I succeed in every thing I do henceforth”

(You can add yours too).

5. Pray always: You can never really escape prayer. You’ll never really achieve much without God’s grace. Seek the face of God and ask for His wisdom, direction, favour, peace, joy and strength every single day and you’ll certainly see Him working wonders for you this 2019!!

So, we have finally come to the end of today’s post and I hope that haven read all these, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that these 5 tips will make your life better and help you soar higher this 2019!!!

Do you have some to add as well?

Please, do so in the comment section below!!.

We rise by lifting others, you know!!.

Meanwhile, incase you are wondering why my last post was in 2017. I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t. I blogged for most part of 2018 but my village people will not let someone’s blog post stay on the blog in peace.

The posts were pulled down by the ogas at the top and have not yet been retrieved.

So readers, please, no vex.

I promise to be a very hardworking blogger this year. So, help me God. Amen!!!.

By the way, how have you been guys?

What’s been going on at this side of the world (the blog side)?.

Also, what did you learn from today’s story?

Did you have anything else to add?.

Please, answer all these questions in the comment section below!!!.

At this point, I’ll draw the curtains closed for today’s post!!.

P.S: General elections are coming up in a few days time. Don’t forget to collect your PVC (Permanent Voters Card) and fufil your civic responsibility!!!

Much love from Aunty J.

Till my next post,

Keep glowing!!!


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9 thoughts on “5 Things To Do To Make Your 2019 Awesome!!!

  1. All the points are on point! Let me add to conciously love yourself more this year,treat yourself to nice things and be kind and forgiving to yourself and others too.


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