fierceness…service year…soldiers…poverty…infatuation…lust


The call portrays the story a young lady, Adanna, who went through the echoes of hard times but in the process learnt a number of things based on the fact that she took everything that came her way with courage and hope for better days and sure came out victorious. Amongst all the chaos of youth service stress, the financial situation of her family, Adanna found true love.

This book portrays the suffering corpers go through and the hardship that comes with NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) in Nigeria.

It talks about how much stress corpers were made to go through with the little stipend the government paid them (N19,800) which is barely enough for them as they have to cater for accommodation, feeding, transport and everything else as they are usually posted far from where their parents live.




Despite the suffering and hardships Adanna went through, she found her missing rib.

One aspect I loved was Jude’s proposal:

Ada, please marry me and I promise that I will spend the rest of

                      my life making it up to you. I will work hard to be that man you

                     truly deserve. I swear, I will work hard to take care of you and

                     your family”— Jude


                    “You don’t need to spend the rest of your life making it up to me.

                     You already did and you don’t need to be the man I truly deserve

                     because you already are.”— Adanna


                    Jude turned around and faced Adanna. “What are you trying to say?” 


                   Adanna walked towards him, till she was standing in front of him.

                                              “I hope the ring is my size.” 

Jude smiled broadly. “We could have it resized, we could get another

one. Anything you want, anything for you. Ada, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Then, there was love in Mr. Nwakwo’s (Adanna’s father) house. Despite their financial situation, nothing could separate their bond.

Same with Jude and his sister.


There was also an aspect of lust.


             “Captain Jude followed her movement and looked at her. Really looked at her,

               as if seeing her for the first time. Light chocolate complexion, long legs that

              only seemed longer with that sinful shorts of hers. Her shirt was ugly though,    

             he was sure it was one of the crap they gave all corpers when they arrived.

            Her face was void of makeup but he didn’t think she needed it. She was beautiful,

           rosy cheeks, big brown eyes, a small pointed nose and full pouty lips”


Jude was probably lusting after her here…perhaps…or just in love.




The scenarios at the orientation camp were simply disciplinary actions as opposed to the torture the soldiers were used to giving people.



Loss of mothers for both Jude and Adanna-Trauma.

Unnecessary dissatisfaction of Mr. Bargo at what Jude does- Hate

Torture of Jude by Mr Bargo- Violence


Despite how serious the book was, the writer put in some humour to lighten up our mood on so many occasions.

What caught my attention on this was the ability of the writer to describe every detail of what happened in every scenario and you could vividly picture it all!!!

One thing that I would have liked to be added was the scene of Adanna and Jude’s wedding. The writer left that to the wildest of our imaginations. I’m seriously just hoping that it will be a sequence, so that I can see how their romance continued J


This book makes us understand that we should take whatever life throws at us with boldness, courage and we would definitely come out victorious.

It’s a book for just any kind of person: a book reader, serving corpers, prospective corps members, parents who have little kids, people who have lost hope at any point in their life and any other kind of person you can think of.


Thanks for reading!!!.

The writer of THE CALL is Unini Mosimabale.

She is a graduate of Industrial relations from Covenant University and this is her first book.

the call 3


You can order for the book at Amazon and okada.

You can also contact her on Instagram: @sparkledeluxe


Let’s know what you think about this book in the comment section!





Till my next post,

Keep shining like a star!!





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