The New Decade by Enele Ogah

“A new decade begins in less than 2 days”

Hello everyone!!!!.
It’s been a really long minute!!
I hope you all missed me as much I did! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Today, we’ll be talking about the upcoming decade and some important things you should note before then!!

In this decade,

Many of the people reading this will get married, have children, enter into the 30’s gang😎 & some into the 40’s gang 😎
Many would be 20 years post secondary school & some would be 30 years post SSCE.

In 2029, you’ll be 10 whooping years older than you are right now.
You’ll be a step or should I say, 10 steps closer to achieving your dreams & purpose in life.
People will now call you “mummy” & “daddy” and for some, grandma & grandpa.

In this decade,
Many of us reading this will become millionaires, some would be billionaires & some trillionaires!

2020 and beyond is gonna be sweet fam!!!
This new decade is going to be awesome!

Before you wonder where I’m driving at or drift into wonderland,

Read my last post here: Review of The Call

All I’m saying is,
PREPARE FOR IT (mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, psychologically and of course, spiritually) because we are storming this decade with class & style! 😎😎

That’s the essence of all what I’ve been saying (writing actually)… PREPARE!

Prepare with the same measure of what you would like to gain this decade!

The responsibilities that lie ahead are huge & without adequate preparation,
A person is bound to be crash to a floor of worries.

I hope you either got some relief or lessons from this post!!

“The New Decade” is a series that will continue next year right on this blog!
Do you like the idea?

Share your thoughts with me about this piece in the comments section.
Let me know what you learnt!

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Until my next post,
Keep glowing!!
Love from Enele πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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