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Today, we’ll be talking about something that can help just any kind of adult out there!

As work resumes with full force, many people may get overwhelmed with the work load to be done

or no longer have passion for previous jobs done or generally new to some certain jobs. Today, we are talking about how you can stay productive and motivated in any kind of work you are or would be doing!!

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So, make sure you read till the end!.

Being more productive at work means one can achieve work-related tasks with better output but with effective strategies using more or less the same input.

Workers can be broadly classified into three groups; the employed workers, the self-employed workers and the stay at home workers. Some set of workers even merge roles and do great in them and this post aims to discuss how they can get more productive in their fields.


  1. Make sticky notes of your next day activities a night before:

This helps to wake up with a sense of direction and spend the morning ‘doing’ instead of planning, saving time before resumption of work. Plan out your work outfit and pack the things you need to take to work the next day as well.

  1. Start the day early:

The importance of this can’t be overemphasized. Starting the day early usually gives one an edge over things like having breakfast, beating traffic etc. Try this and you’ll be thankful I told you this!.

  1. Eat and rest enough:

A fatigued body won’t be as efficient as a well-fed and alert one.

  1. Maintain a tidy environment:

This applies both the home and work front. A well-arranged wardrobe for instance saves the hassle of searching for that dress on a Monday morning though you should’ve planned it a day before. A well-stacked file and neatly arranged cabinet at work also makes things easier. Tidiness enhances a state of self-satisfaction.

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  1. If your work requires a lot of digital gadgets, take frequent screen breaks to avoid having issues with your eyes/sight.

  2. Involve God in your work: This can never be over-emphasized. Consult Him before taking any decision, both at work and at home and also pray fervently.


This group of workers are hired by the government, non-governmental bodies, private institutions, the self-employed and so on for a wage or salary. They usually have defined roles to play at a workplace, and their input is paramount to the success of their employers. At times, repetition of activities can get quite boring even if it were to be the worker’s passion, so here are some ways to be more productive:

  1. Understand why you’re working:

People usually work because of passion, money, because it is a family inherited profession or all of the above. Purpose results in production. In any case, you need to have the mindset of not giving excuses for unproductivity. Be accountable and responsible.

  1. Maximize your free time:

For some workers, this comes in the form of leaves, weekends, even ‘during work’ breaks. This period is for taking some space away from your job for a renewal of vitality. Free time shouldn’t be entirely used for work-related activities as it could lead to burnout. On weekends and leaves, try new things & enjoy the diversity of life, being well-rounded.

  1. Connect with your work colleagues:

Although there are some people who feel very satisfied being alone and not socialize much, it helps to also interact with your colleagues. You can learn a lot of techniques from them to make your work easier. Even if you don’t, a great conversation here and there helps.



This category of workers are the entrepreneurs or the starters who set up their work description. Self-employed workers are those who create job opportunities for themselves, basically hiring themselves while entrepreneurs are self-employed workers who are also business owners. This means that not all self-employed workers are entrepreneurs but a great deal of them are. A writer for instance can’t be described as an entrepreneur but instead, as a self-employed.

Their work specifications of self-employed are also not as clearly defined as that of the employed workers because this set of workers do a bit of everything. They usually don’t have established breaks the way the aforementioned workers do and there is usually variety in what they do because of the control they have over everything. If you’re in this category, the following may help:

  1. Broaden your knowledge of what you do:

This applies to every group of workers but in a way, the self-employed need it more. You can learn daily through online courses, YouTube videos or even attending one-on-one programs or schools (short term) depending on your workload to stay on top of your game.

  1. Learn more about Online Marketing:

As noted earlier, a lot of self-employed workers are entrepreneurs, so knowing about the tactics of online marketing will help the business boom. Even full time novelists need this to make more profit on their book sales.

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  1. Hire people if you need to and motivate them:

When the workload starts to become too much for you to handle alone, you need to spend some money and hire people. That way, your business earns even more. For workers with already established organizations, motivating your workers will definitely improve their output which will have a positive result on the organization as a whole. Motivating your workers to do more can come in form of giving bonuses for the best staff of the year, giving health insurances, or even simply paying their salaries regularly and on time.

  1. Take advantage of modern technology to make your work easier:

An example is the online business owner, you can take orders via your social media accounts and offer your clients delivery to their doorstep, instead of them coming to pick up. This has the benefit of improving interpersonal relationships and helps them aware that they are talking to a real human being, not a robot.

  1. Create your break time, even if there are no official work leaves: This is important for your mental health.

How the last group of workers can become more productive will be discussed in our next post.

Stay tuned and productive!



Keep glowing!

See you in my next post!!

Enele loves you!!


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