The Lazy Girl’s Way To Fast Hair Growth

Get ready to find out the one way you can grow your hair without wasting time and putting in too much effort. I just found out, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

First of all, why is your hair not growing fast?
Have you ever felt like your hair growth was utterly stagnant? Like no matter the number of hair masks you put on and nourishing foods you eat, the inches just aren’t adding up? Here are some reasons why:

You may not know this but the way you eat affects your hair’s overall health and growth. It’s the foods you “are not” eating that prevent your hair from growing long and healthy— a lack of nutrients and vitamins. The absence of iron, zinc, niacin, fatty acids, selenium, folic acid, antioxidants, biotin, protein, and vitamins A, D, and E can lead to poor hair health and hair loss. Also, not using hair products that contain one or more of the nutrients needed could be a cause of slow hair growth.

    Mother Nature plays a role in your hair’s growth as you age. We know that hair thins as we get older, but there’s a heredity factor that may affect your strands’ fate faster than others. The leading cause of stunted hair growth is what is known as hair miniaturisation. It is caused by hereditary hair thinning, where your hair follicle shrinks in size.
    Miniaturised hair follicles cannot grow very long hair. They produce hairs that are weaker, duller, and more prone to breakage, especially when not pampered with the right set of products.
    It’s a no-brainer that heat styling your hair too often can lead to breakage and damage. Frequent dying, perming, or chemical straightening can cause stress to the hair shaft, leading to loss. Chemically processed hair is more porous than untreated hair, which results in protein loss, and eventually breakage, especially without the use of a hair repair cream. Also, product buildup, such as overusing dry and not balanced pH shampoo can clog the hair follicle, which prevents hair from growing at an average pace.

Now, I know you’re ready to hear what the trick to fast hair growth is, and here it is (drum roll please), PROTECTIVE STYLING!

A protective style is any style that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and minimizes manipulation.
Realize this one thing; if you want to get longer hair, there is not that much you can do to grow hair faster from your scalp. Our hair is growing at all times, and there’s not really much we can do to change the rate our hair is growing but to get longer hair, what we can do is reduce how much our hair is breaking; this increases how much length we are retaining, allowing us to have longer hair.
Now the best way to reduce how much your hair is breaking is to leave it alone and find a pattern of taking care of your hair in a way that decreases hair manipulation.
Imagine a world where you never allowed your hair to break! That world is the world of protective styling! You can retain all of the growth that you’re getting throughout your protective style.

BONUS: The takedown
The way you take down your protective style matters A LOT!
If you can avoid breakage during the takedown, then all of the length that you grew during your protective style will be retained.
Think about this, have you wondered why when you’re on braids, and you’ve kept it for a long time, and you can see the new growth, but then whenever you take it down and wash it, your hair looks the same length?? The only way that happens is if a lot of hair breakage occurred during the takedown process (no baby girl, it’s not your village people this time). It happened because you were too rough on your hair or you did not use the right leave-in conditioner to soften it first before the takedown.
So, for fast hair growth, what can you do in addition to protective styling?
For starters, a good scalp massage to stimulate your hair and help it grow is necessary. You can do this as a daily routine with the Mediana Daily-use Hair Fertilizer and Hair Repair Cream. It promotes rapid hair growth; repairs damaged hair; grows edges; soothes itchy scalp and treats dandruff. I also recommend using the Mediana Hair Booster Serum; it works amazingly well to thicken existing hair and promote the growth of new hair.

DURING THE TAKEDOWN OF THE PROTECTIVE STYLE, I suggest you use the Mediana Leave-in Conditioning Milk. It instantly detangles all hair types, moisturizes hair, stops hair breakage, and protects your hair from damage during the takedown.

AFTER THE TAKEDOWN & TO ADDRESS HAIR MINIATURISATION, I suggest using a shampoo that promotes the health of the follicle. For instance, the Mediana Hair Repair Anti-dandruff Shampoo contains natural extracts that work to deep cleanse the scalp while regulating its pH balance and still being gentle. It also works for both natural and relaxed hair. Plus, it will leave you with an invigorating, tingling, and refreshing feeling that lasts all day.
Lastly, I recommend using a conditioner, which repairs, protects and nourishes. For example, the Mediana Hair Revitalising Conditioner, it restores moisture balance giving your hair a healthy sheen. It will make your hair feel so smooth, silky and amazingly detangled!

To start your journey to longer and healthier hair, use all the methods and products mentioned in the preceding. And to get a full kit containing all the products mentioned, send a WhatsApp message or call now on these phone numbers: +234 808 951 5705 & +234 805 930 0327

Written by Ese Okojie

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