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So, today is a question and answer day.

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10 Things I Have Learnt This Year: My Birthday Story!

This is my birthday story!!

It’s very Inspiring! (Trust me)


Phone beeping, messages rolling, sleepy eyes open, a new life begins.

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Here’s another part of the concept of spirituality.

Dab'Ira's Journal

Hi Guys,

So, I got this crazy hi’diah (idea) today that ‘GOD INVENTED FOOTBALL

We all know or should I say, I guess we all know that God abhors folly. He reiterates this at every opportunity in the scriptures, but once awhile, we all goof around and have those moments where we are sure God definitely is into comedy or is the author of its existence.

“I’m sure God will have a good laugh on His throne with this mumu (foolish / daft) thing I just did”…Lol

I am 90.* % certain many think this way, the remaining 10.* % are suggested to either lack a sense of humor (which I truly doubt anyone really lacks) or are just to be unaccounted for …MISCELLANEOUS …Like Nigerians love to say or add to any budget. That aside…

This thought crept in during my quiet time with Jesus (speaking…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Hi everyone.

As many of us have already heard, it’s breast cancer awareness month and guess what?

(waits silently for responses before happily shouting  it out)

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