TMI Challenge!…Have You Done Yours?

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a minute!

Recently, I came across this TMI (Too Much Information ) tag challenge on a fellow Continue reading


Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Hi everyone.

As many of us have already heard, it’s breast cancer awareness month and guess what?

(waits silently for responses before happily shouting  it out)

We would be hosting a campaign right here on this blog concerning breast cancer and cancer in general Continue reading



After her mother’s demise(which was caused by her father) 3 years, Tosin thought her father would be filled with remorse and determine to be a good man or least to be better than he was at that time but she was wrong. He didn’t change, not even a bit, at least, not after 3 years. She missed her mother. All the pain her Continue reading



The dark-skinned muscular hand went up but when it came down, it came down with agitation and anger.

Then came the slaps, the punches and the blows. Then came blood dripping from the nose of the victim like from a stream of water as she lay helpless and numb on the floor. A part of her head bled because she was pushed to the wall thereby hitting her forehead against the wall.
The fall didn’t Continue reading