Covid19: Don’t Get It Twisted

Heyyyyyyyyyy fam!!.
I know it’s been more than eternity since my last post…hahaha.
I’m back for good and I hope to be consistent on here, God helping me. Amen!
In the last few weeks of this pandemic, I’ve noticed that Corona Virus, also known as #Covid19 has created so much fear that’s accompanied with anxiety, which eventually causes panic attacks and anxiety disorders, especially Social Anxiety Disorders, in which there is the situation of someone being afraid of social happenings and being judged or demeaned.

This will definitely end soon but before then, please, exercise proper hygiene with the use of hand sanitizers (or thorough hand washing), disinfectants for your homes and offices, avoid too much physical contact with people, stay hydrated, avoid public transport if you can and try as much as possible to stay at home. Also, make sure all your household members are exercising these precautions too!

In as much as this disease may be quite disturbing,
Staying at home has made families bond more, people exercise proper hygiene and also get closer to God!.
Let’s look at the positive side too fam!


During this period, write that book you’ve always wanted to write, start preparations for those projects you’ve been wanting to start, review your life and rearrange it to become better. Seek God now, more than ever before and make sure you bounce back to your baby girl and baby boy life before this newly imposed 2 weeks lock down is over.


We pray this virus leaves Nigeria soon and the end of this pandemic comes, so that the world can live in peace and harmony.
God is on our side.


By the way,

What have you been up to?

Tell me in the comment section below.



Stay safe you all.
We shall conquer!

Till my next post,
Remain ever glowing!

Your baby girl,


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