After her mother’s demise(which was caused by her father) 3 years, Tosin thought her father would be filled with remorse and determine to be a good man or least to be better than he was at that time but she was wrong. He didn’t change, not even a bit, at least, not after 3 years. She missed her mother. All the pain her mother suffered from because of her dad grieved her. She just wished she could run away but where could she possibly run to? her  friends house?, or may be she should just end her own misery here or should she just make other people’s lives miserable too?

Or should she just poison her father and watch him die very slowly or should she stab him in his sleep?.

All these thoughts wandered through her mind when she suddenly felt a tap on her legs. It was Ada, her best friend. She hadn’t seen her come in, neither was she expecting her. School was still in session and she(Ada) was a boarder. “Scary cat” she said as she laughed. She knew her best friend was at it again. Thinking and thinking till forever.

“Are you feeling better today?, I have not seen you at school for over 2 weeks now after I heard what happened, so I decided to come and check on you”.

Tosin sighed, not because she wasn’t expecting her best friend but because she didn’t know how to begin her story.

Tosin’s father was probably never going to pay her school fees again if he ever over-heard her telling her friend how much she hated him right now. Where was she going to begin in this story-telling now?. She was still in the middle of her thoughts as usual when Ada interrupted again “your father told me I have only one hour to stay with you, he didn’t want me to see you at first but after about thirty minutes of pleas, he finally let me in, so, you better speak before your father chases me out and you are left with no one to talk to”.  Tosin was shocked at what Ada just said. “You mean my father just said that to you?” Tosin asked. “If not that you are my very good friend, I would have gone immediately he denied me access to you” Ada said with a sad smile, she was sorry for her friend, very sorry. How could a man treat his daughter like this? Just how?.

“Useless man” Tosin and Ada thought at the same time. “Why would he do such a thing?, even if he was mad at me…….his daughter, has my innocent and caring friend done any wrong by coming to see her friend?”,she wondered. “He’s a beast” Tosin finally said after a five-minute silence between them. “He’s very callous, careless, drunk, irritating, annoying and violent”, she continued. “I just hate him, I hate him so much, I do” she said as tears formed in her eyes. “I wish I could just kill him”, the tears trickled down her cheeks. She was crying already.

Her dad used to be a good man and he was very nice when she was much younger. As far as she could remember, five years ago was when her dad existed. This was definitely not him, at least not to her knowledge. Five years ago was the last time she had peace of mind for a whole month without any troubles whatsoever but somewhere along the line, something had gone wrong. Someone had deceived him and he started drinking. Someone deceived him and he started smoking. Someone deceived him and he became violent. He sure had bad friends, really bad friends but he listened to them anyway and didn’t seem to be reading in-between the lines of their deceit. He never had a mind of his own. He brought other women to the house and confrontation from his wife only brought her beatings upon beatings, screams, throwing of objects (such as tables as if they were some pencils, feathers or something lighter) and a lot of hospital bills, a whole lot of them and in fact, they pilled up. She couldn’t even finish paying the bills before her demise, as her husband would give her no money whatsoever, so she spent all her savings and went into debts.

He continued to maltreat Tola(his beautiful wife) until one day when he hit her and brutalized her as usual. The screams were loud as usual, preventing Tosin from doing anything else but hear her father brutally and physically abuse her mother from the sounds she heard. Tosin tried intervening on some occassions as she had sleepless nights concerning the kind of life they had been living for the past two years but she was never allowed to because daddy had locked the door. He locked the door so that nobody would be able to stop the fight and save his wife until he strangled life out of her. Even the neighbours pleaded but he just wouldn’t bulge. He was a beast and still is. They were known as the “quarreling couple” in the neighbour. Nobody else fought like them, at least not to the extent at which they fought. What a reputation to have but did this wicked, brutal and insane man care?. Of course not. He didnt. Not one bit. He would gladly do away with anybody who dared to challenge him.

That day, for some very strange reason, the screams reduced and came to a slow stop. What had happened?, why did the screams stop?, why was there silence?, why was there tension?, why was there confusion?.

Was she going to the hospital again?, getting ready to pill up more bills………….

What had happened?

To be continued…………………………………………………………………………….

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