10 Things I Have Learnt This Year: My Birthday Story!

This is my birthday story!!

It’s very Inspiring! (Trust me)


Phone beeping, messages rolling, sleepy eyes open, a new life begins.

It was dark and the time was 6:15am

Grateful for life, Enele opened her eyes to a new dawn, it’s a new year, it’s her birthday.

She arose and dashed out of bed ready for a new and busy week ahead but gratefully it was Sunday, so, her priority for the morning was church. It was time to dance and give Glory to God for yet another 365 days.”


Hi family,

Friends, family, fellow bloggers and writers and my blog readers, it’s my birthday today and I’m just so excited about this. Not because anything so special happens on my birthday but because I’m just so grateful to see another year. In as much as birthdays are celebration days, they are also days of reflection and plans to be a better version of the present you, not to only receive gifts but also to help people who can’t afford even a meal a day. It’s usually a time for new beginnings and of course, a new year!

Being a new year, I’ll be sharing with you my experience about what I’ve learnt this past year.

I know you wanna read it……because I’m sure you are as excited as I am…

Do relax and enjoy!!!!.


1. Patience:

This took a lot of time but having been a baby-sitter and having met many sets of people with certain characters, both good and bad, I just had to learn the act of patience.

2. Dauntlessness/Fearlessness:

Hmnnnn, fear is an issue people battle with till today. It is something (by which) virtually everybody has faced and stills faces till today and is usually accompanied by anxiety. There was this conference I went for that actually made fear die completely in my life. It was a day that could not be forgotten in a hurry because fear lost it’s place in my heart forever. It was the dauntless conference. Actually, dauntlessness means fearlessness.

I was scared of just any thing: rat, cockroaches, the dark and you can just decide to figure out the rest. From this conference, I learnt that the word of God works 100% of the time. Not that I didn’t know before but it was just a Godly confirmation that I’ve stuck to, till like, forever. So, fear became a thing of the past, let that be your story too. Hold on to the dauntless one, Jesus, and you will overcome EVERY form or semblance of fear in your life forever.

 Who remembers this line from the song “No longer slaves”

“I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God”!


3. Obedience:

Trust me, this one wasn’t easy, neither was it funny. Being obedient was such a herculean task, a really big herculean task but well, I went to NYSC camp and those soldiers ain’t smiling with you, so if they say “come”, you come, if they say “go”, you go. If they say “frog jump” or “sco down(squat down)”, you might do it lazily but you must do it. As in must, not may because as far they are concerned, even if you are Obama’s daughter, you will drop your title at the gate of the camp when entering and wont be able to pick it up until 3 weeks later when you are leaving that stressful camp that will make you fit fam, acquire abs and a lot of muscles even as a girl, look and feel stressed, loose weight and above all, turn black, especially, if you were posted to the north which I was. Of course, shades were a necessity ’cause you really don’t wanna fry your eyes.

It was from this experience that I learnt so much obedience and humility whether I liked it or not. I was totally changed when I came back to Lasgidi.

It was an experience of obedience and humility and those things are key in life, if you wanna succeed and still remain at the top.

4. Punctuality:

Many people can testify to how late I can be at times but this camp once again taught me punctuality, if not, you would “sco down” and do “frog jump”.

 I’ll probably soon do an NYSC and khaki appreciation post……lol. It’s taught me a whole lot. Though they looked like punishments but it was molding the real me small small.

5. Priorities:

I learnt how to effectively prioritize and manage my time better. It includes being fast and putting first things first.

6. Parenting and Relationships: I’ve surely met a whole lot of parents, parents-to-be, married, singles, potential “bae”s and funny sets of people in the past one year and I of course realized that there’s no need to particularly rush anything because God’s time is always the best. Note the key word, ALWAYS. Remember that, THE WORD OF GOD WORKS 100% OF THE TIME. It works, just keep believing in God, no matter what you are facing. When the time is right, you will see results and answers to prayers and testimonies swimming all over you. That’s my slogan for the rest of the year, let that be yours too.


7. Baby-sit: It’s part of the parenting (actually pre-parenting) I said I learnt earlier. It was fun-filled and the same time a bit stressful (as I am not the mother noni), so it was some stressful fun we had here.

+ the fact that I so love babies!!

8. Holding on to God and not getting unnecessarily worried:  This was one of the biggest things I just had to learn. Holding on to God which I slowly had to learn but finally did, trusting Him for every thing (just every and any single thing)

As for the worry, while holding on to God, part of it (the worry) died at the dauntless conference that I mentioned earlier and the rest slowly died off.

Glory to God!!!

9. My blogging experience: I just started some months ago and God has been taking it higher. Content creation, template and website designing takes a lot of effort, hard-work, persistence, consistency and lots and lots of sleepless nights. This blogging experience taught me how not to give up, thanks to family and friends.

I actually paused for a while tho, but because the devil is a liar, God helped and strengthened me to continue. All Glory to His Holy name, now and forever more. Amen!

I started blogging because I just wanted to channel this boredom and writing skill into something productive!.


You can channel that skill or thought that you have been having for a while now to something very productive and lucrative for yourself!.

Do something about it, you don’t know where God is taking you too. This may just be the beginning for you!.

This experience boiled down to the principles of life. If want to get to anything done, you must be persistent, hardworking and very prayerful because we wrestle not against flesh and blood but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. You must not give up if you truly want success, you must work and pray until the change and success that you desire comes to you because nothing good comes easy. Even Jesus’s cross wasn’t an easy task but he endured and I’m sure we all know that He acquired the Glory after carrying His cross faithfully to the end.

I’m probably gonna soon do a special post on why and how I started blogging…….lmao

We all want crowns but don’t want to bear any cross no matter how light but we forget that there’s no crown without a cross and no star without a scar.

Please, it’s now time to bear your crosses and when it becomes too heavy(it may not because God won’t allow you get tempted more than you can handle), hand it over to Jesus. He’ll take it up because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Another lesson is that, even if you have given up or fallen out or at least, you think you have, you can still jump up, dust yourself up, carry on and pray for grace to be strong and for greater grace to continue from where you fell off and with God helping you, you will be fine.

And finally, the last but not the least point,



10. I learnt how to relate better with others, engage in only “healthy talk” not “unnecessary argument”, remaining calm(not being anxious (like I mentioned earlier) or being unnecessarily angry), and just being me, myself and I.

We have finally come to the end of my long story. Well, I hope this birthday girl was able to keep you company today.

I hope you enjoyed your read and the pictures too.



Guess what?

I’m giving a big shout out to all my birthday mates and every other October baby all over the world!!!!!!


Please, tell me in the comment section below what you have learnt during the course of the year and anything you can relate to here.

Let’s learn from each other because a man is old whenever he stops learning whether he is 20 or 80 years old!

And don’t ever forget that

 “ The word of God works 100% of the time”,

Let that be your slogan for the rest of the year

Please, subscribe to my blog 😘😍😎

It’s a sign out here!!!

Enele a.k.a Aunty J. loves you!


23 thoughts on “10 Things I Have Learnt This Year: My Birthday Story!

  1. I learnt babysitting this last year + this year too and it has exposed me into the world of parenting…Maybe not all of it, but I have a very good idea how it feel!

    And happy birthday beautiful! Many happy returns

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww. This was a lovely read, thank God I finally came out of my rut and I’ve read this inspiring post.
    Happy birthday (once again, even if it’s stale by now),God bless your new age.

    What I could relate to the most about all you learnt, would be about chilling: having patience. In my experience with God i’ve learnt to just jejely wait for God’s time, because I have signed a contract with God that he must have his way in my life, so whether I like it or not its God’s time or God’s time.
    Everyone may be moving faster, flying higher and stuff, but I know the deal I have, and with whom I have it.

    Thanks Aunt J, this was beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Oti and thanks for the birthday wishes once again!.
      Definitely, God’s time is the best and He must always have His way in our lives, whether we like it or not.
      Stay blessed!!!!


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